A bit about me. 

I’m a full-time graphic designer, problem solver, and compulsive doodler. I love the challenge of staying current by learning new skills and trends. Few things motivate me more than the question: “How can this be done/improved/fixed/accomplished?” And my response is always “LETS DO THIS!” Illustration? Photography? Diorama? Code? Layout? Welding? If its needed to accomplish great design I’m not afraid to jump in and figure it out. (To date I have not been asked to learn to weld but I’m definitely open to any opportunities!)

Creativity doesn’t stop at five o’clock. Outside the office I love all things art, diy, and crafts. When I’m not creating I can be found training my dog, Phoenix, playing board games, camping, or riding around on my beater bike complete with hacked gear hauler. 

Email: m.mccarthy.design@gmail.com

Phone: (989) 295-8335


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