Poster Concepts

Playing around with some illustrated poster concepts featuring a hands theme.


T-Shirt Illustration for Birdwatching

Proof that doodling pays off! I often like to start drawing without any particular idea in mind and just see what happens. This guy was created during one of those sessions and now lives on as a t-shirt for the Boston-based band, Birdwatching. I can't wait to see the finished product!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I created this fun fall GIF for an email card using expressions in After Effects. By using a control layer the expression allows for animating a lot of layers without keyframing each one. This trick has a lot of possibilities and really changed my workflow! Have a great holiday! 


Adventures in Photoshop 3D

The Photoshop 3D workspace looks daunting, but once you get in there its pretty fun! It really comes in handy to create designs for requests that are too specific for stock and photoshoots aren't an option. 


Sketch and Roll

Some rustic sketches for an instructional flyer. They turned out to be a great solution to use in place of off-brand video stills!


DIY Animal Corks for PCC

The Paws, Claws & Corks (PCC) committee enjoyed last year's design so much they decided to revamp it for 2016. The challenge was how to keep the similar tabletop theme but switch out the elements. Well, with a set of "Pets" themed Toob figurines, spray paint, corks, and hot glue, I had a solution! These guys came together in a flash and were a hit with the committee!

(Above) Animal cork creation in process. (Below) Adding them in the design.

(Above) Animal cork creation in process.
(Below) Adding them in the design.


Sketch work for Lost Paws

Sketching some logo ideas for an upcoming small business, Lost Paws. Lost Paws is a pet location service that utilizes tracking methods including a tracking dog. So excited to help this innovative business get started!